This Christian forgiveness stuff is highly over-rated. Forgiveness comes after things have been set right and the perpetrator is begging to be forgiven.

White people are not asking to be forgiven and there is still work to do to set things right.

We need to be more clear about what the forgiveness is for. White people alive today don't need forgiveness for slavery. They had nothing to do with that. What needs to be fixed now is the consequences of it. That the median Black household income is 1/10th that of the White household is a direct result of slavery…

It seems to me the difference between documentary photography and poverty porn is honesty and purpose.

Sex porn is an exaggerated genre. The subjects are "acting" or staged. Its purpose is to enrich the producers and cares little about the victims. For the viewer there is no call to action. Just personal gratification.

It can be the same if poverty is the subject.

On the other hand, if the documentation is accurate and honest; if if calls attention to suffering and informs and motivates, it is documentary.

A Plastic Problem - Here is a solution: create an excise tax on virgin petrochemicals used in single-use plastic production that is set at the difference between the cost of recycled inputs and virgin petrochemicals inputs plus a few percent. In other words, make recycled inputs slightly cheaper than virgin inputs.

The raised cost of virgin inputs would create a strong market for recycled inputs. It would create a strong incentive to bring down the cost of recycling. It would raise the price of single-use plastics to the consumer to better reflect the externalities, which are real costs paid after…

We need to stick with the term Feminism because for most women in the world it is still about equality for women. In the US, and a few other developed countries, women do have equality now, but Feminism is still needed to maintain that as the world changes.

Gender Equality is a different movement. Sometimes it is aligned with Feminism and sometimes it is at odds with it. We need that too.

It is time to look carefully at what Singapore migrant workers eat.

Brief: The pandemic had thrown open the closed world of how migrant workers live and work and one issue needs addressing — how poor their diets are, says one observer who also offers a solution.

According to a study published by the United States National Institute of Health, “Poor nutritional status predisposes to certain infections”. Renata Micha, a professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and co-author of the UN Global Nutrition Report states that “Undernourished people have a weaker immune system which puts them at greater risk of severe illness due to virus”. The science is…

Singapore's economy is taking a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment figures are not out yet, but in spite of the Job Support Scheme, there will be a lot of working people feeling the brunt of the slow down. The JSS grant for businesses that are not in aviation, tourism or food services is just 25 percent of wages of up to $4,600. It is going to be very tough for an employer whose business is shuttered, or drastically reduced, to keep idle workers on the payroll when 75 percent or more is still coming from the company. …

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