AAVE is pervasive in the scholarship and has over 6M hits in Google.

To your point, yes German is a completely different language from English. That wasn’t my comparison. It was High-German and German-Dialect vs Standard English and AAVE.

And, you know why speaking dialect in Germany is not considered uneducated or stupid (it may be considered unprofessional depending on the setting)? It is because people who use the dialect at home can also speak high-german very well also.

It is wrong to assume that a person speaking AAVE might not be educated. This assumption is historically based. It is the case, however, like it or not. And maybe, like the German, when you are in a place where everyone does not speak the dialect, perhaps you shouldn’t either. You other yourself in a way that doesn’t help you or anyone really.

So, you missed my point if you think I made an apples to oranges comparison.

And, I totally miss your point in the last paragraph. How does my use of AAVE mean I don’t care about the historical arc? My homies are all accomplished professionals who can speak perfect English. AAVE is part of our shared experience and just feels right around them, especially when the beers and jokes are flowing.

By the way, my black professional friends would be aghast if a black law partner decided to start using AAVE at work. As much as for any white person in that setting, it would be a bad reflection on the professionalism of the person and refresh negative stereotypes that might hurt them. No one cares if you want to speak it in other settings.

The real danger in your’s and the author's thinking that AAVE is necessary to be black. It’s not. Are people who choose to not speak it less black? Don’t let white people own standard English and relegate black people to AAVE. Big mistake.

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