Are you really a teacher? You sound more like a 10th-grade student.

“I’ll grant you that what I’ve written is anecdotal and even possibly flawed but it doesn’t make it wrong.”

And it doesn’t make it right.

Whatever !!

If you think I’m hopeless, there are other people who can read this. Convince them.

In fact, I am not even disagreeing with you. I did research and found a real scholar who explained it much better than you did. Next time don’t be so lazy. Or just don’t write anything and put a link to the PBS article I found. Nothing you wrote added anything to that.

Actually, the topic is important to me because I write and speak on the topic of economic exclusion in under-developed countries. The term thug is used to usually mean “hired thugs” by political and economic elites to bolster corruption. I’m interested to know that Americans in the audience might think it’s racist. I’ll have to find someone black to say it for me in the future.

Anyway, as absurd as it is, it is real and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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