Are you this nuts, for real?

Seriously? “If you want to proclaim ‘I don’t want to sleep with any non-op or pre-op trans woman,’ you can do so. But that’s a transphobic opinion”.

Just like some people are born gay and look for a partner with the same genitals, some are born straight and look for a partner with different genitals. That is not reducing anyone to JUST genitals. There is a primordial instinct in human sexual attraction that maybe you don’t have an ability to recognise because of your condition. That does not make everyone else a transphobe.

How many people do you know who think “intercourse” is synonymous sex. Intercourse means communication or dealings between individuals or groups. That’s not sex. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE is sex. If you want to make a play on words, find a dictionary first.

“…where who you fuck also has to match a certain standard of what you fuck with. It’s this twisted logic…”. Wow, this is certifiably nuts. I have no problem with who you fuck with whatever you want. But, to call fucking as it has been done since time immemorial twisted logic is about as illogical as it gets. So, 99% of the population and the entire animal kingdom is illogical, is it? Do you have many friends not just like you?

And then comes. “I would never tell anyone who they should be attracted to”. Did you bother reread this before publishing?

You are right to point out that saying “ew” is immature. I would even say cruel. But to think “ew” is innate for almost everyone when it comes to their own experience. Including the vast majority of transpeople who have genital preferences just as strong as cis-people do. Transpeople are just as likely to not want a surprise, but because they usually want to have sex with cis-people they don’t have to wonder what they are in for. If we can accept that gay people have innate preferences for a given genitalia, then don’t we have to accept that straight people can have a preference too, no matter how much lipstick our love interest is wearing.

“The whole question of whether trans women are acceptable to sleep with is hateful”. This is the same as whether any women (or man) is acceptable to sleep with. I don’t like to sleep with obese women over 60 who don’t have any teeth. Is that hateful? I draw the line when someone has the same package as me, because there is no way I would enjoy it. I was born that way.

I would be happy to get to know anyone without regard for what’s between their legs - even you. Why should I care if we are just talking? It doesn’t matter who it is, if someone doesn’t want to get to know someone before having sex, you are probably better off not having sex with them. This isn’t exclusively a trans-issue.

You know there are lot of cis-people who think trans-people are somehow crazy. They are not. No more than the general population, anyway. Why do you have to write an article like this to make them think they are right?

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