Boys will be boys is no excuse and I support you pointing that out.

“…a young girl would be admonished for something a boy her age is allowed to do”.

And there are certainly things a boy would be admonished for that a girl would be allowed to do.

If you are claiming that violence by a boy against a girl is permitted while violence by a girl against a boy is not, it certainly doesn’t seem to be consistent with my experience. Boys are told not to hit girls. In my childhood, a boy could never ever hit a girl for any reason and get away with it. The reverse was certainly not the case. If a boy even complained about being hit by a girl he was told not to be a sissy. I’ve never seen a study on this, so I’d be interested to know if you have.

Are you claiming that men are more coddled than women? Anything more than your feelings or personal experience to support this claim?

Sounds like you had it rough, but boys are also told to stop crying. Probably more than girls are. That boys are conditioned not to cry is well understood.

I can see you have some issues, but I’m not clear on why it manifests itself as a boys vs. girls thing. Seems we need to address it regardless of the child’s gender.

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