“cis men control our bodies” …and other non-sense

Please explain. People can do what they want with their bodies, at least with regard to changing sexual attributes within the realm of medicine. If you are talking about laws, which ones? Why cis-men and not cis-women? You mention the Catholic Church a lot . Who cares? Don’t be Catholic then.

As a cis-male, I don’t understand why you hate me so much. I have trans and non-binary friends I love. I’m so glad they don’t face the abuse you want to dish out toward cis-men. They live rather normal lives and frankly don’t support much of what you say. We hope people without trans friends don’t get the impression that you are representative of how trans people think. The ones I know think about these issues quite similarly to how a reasonable, informed cis-person would. They are not trying to be disruptive. They just want to fit in and be excepted for who they are.

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