Did you read the headline? Did you notice the theme song is “Everybody is a Little Bit Racist”?

Actually, you’ve got it right. The correct word is “bias”. That’s what it always meant. Racism was a belief that a race is innately superior. “Racist” mattered because it is the word for the enemy. To be racist means one is either ignorant or evil. If you are the former, I will educate you. If you are the latter you should be ostracised and punished.

Now the word racist is so broadly defined that it carries no meaning. If someone called me a racist years ago (actually never happened) I would be very offended and insist on talking to them about why they would call me that. Today, if someone were to call me that I could just say, “so what, everybody is a little bit racist”.

The misuse of language is really counterproductive.

The points the author makes about systemic racism are valid and that’s what we should call it: systemic racism. If I live in such a system and benefit from it, however, recognize it and fight to change it, I should not be considered even a little bit racist. Everybody is a little bit biased — not racist.

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