Do you really have examples of people denying your humanity or is it really just confused people asking stupid questions and having lazy opinions? Denying humanity is the war in Yeman, the Holocaust, Rohingya, Jim Crow Laws. Is stupid people who insult you and issues with bathrooms really that bad or are you using hyperbole? I agree with you about most everything you said, but I’d like your piece better if you’d tone it down a bit.

By the way, I’m cis, but just read your article to very close trans friends who are visiting me right now. They said they were embarrassed by what you wrote. And, I was embarrassed for bringing it up. I felt like the stupid cis-person you are talking about. They hate talking about being trans. Then again, they are over 50 now and transitioned in their teens. They have struggled their whole life to fit in, not stand out. I think most trans-people think more like them than like you. That said, it does not invalidate what you say and we agreed with most of your points. Including the one about how trans-issues are not equivalent to what MLK was writing about.

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