Do you think because I know some trans people who would not agree with your statement, that I am chastening all women? I would have commented the same if you were a man. It wasn’t even chastening you, let alone half the world’s population.

And where are you going with capitalism and imperialist-culture transgenderism? Interesting, but way off topic from my comment. Happy to discuss that too if you want. I was raised in the US and live now in for 20 years in SE Asia. I have trans friends in both places as well as others. I have an economics degree, including Marxist studies. I lived and worked in over 50 countries. I agree that transgenders’ place in the culture varies greatly depending on the primary culture they live in. Colonialism (not imperialism) has had an impact on this historically, just as it did with marriage, homosexuality, nudity, dress and many other aspects of culture. I don’t see non-capitalist economies being any more open, so you lost me on that one. I won’t recommend China to someone who’s trans. Care to explain?

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