Glad to read this. I’m white and old now. I grew up in a majority-black community where there were plenty of poor black and white people. This was during the civil rights movement, so my white privilege was pretty obvious to me, though we didn’t call it that.

When I look back over six decades, I can see how white privilege disadvantages black people, but much more important is economic privilege.

I have affluent black friends who get no meaningful disadvantage from white privilege and enjoy a lot of black privileges, like affirmative action for their kids.

I think a better strategy than emphasizing white privilege would be to emphasize economic privilege — especially the undeserved kind. It hurts disadvantaged blacks more than white privilege does. The change in emphasis would also foster an alliance with disadvantaged white people and maybe something could actually change.

When I was a kid, I thought by now interracial marriages and the end of race-pseudoscience would solve the problem. I’d say now, that isn’t working.

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