Good article. I’m white, but I have on many occasions traveled with black friends and colleagues. They would point stuff out to me that I didn’t even notice. At first, I said, “that happens to everyone sometimes” but it didn’t take long for me to realize it happened to them a lot more. They could even see it coming and we’d make a bet. I lost a lot of money until I learned to see it too. It’s so subtle sometimes its hard for someone not experiencing it to notice. I was once on a trip with my black-women boss who was younger than me. Amazing what she endured.

Just one minor quibble: “But that’s the grand nature of white supremacy:” I think you are talking about white privilege. White privilege a pervasive thing that is hard to see by those who have it. Even black people give white people privilege as in your example. It is extremely systemic and not a conscious act of discrimination. It may not even be an act, but rather something like access to opportunity.

I hope we don’t conflate that with white supremacy in order to recognize the important distinction. White supremacy is the actual belief that whites are superior and the conscious act of oppressing people of color on purpose. Only a minority of Americans are white supremacists, but almost everyone swims in the world of white privilege. I live in Asia now and see a lot of Chinese privilege. Like white privilege, it stems from history, socio-economic status and the culture of the majority. It doesn’t mean those who have it are bad people. White supremacists, on the other hand, are bad in the opinion of all but a few.

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