Good article and I support the thesis. But, here is where I think it could have been better.

“Studies have shown that kids who come from single-mother-by-choice families are just as well-off as those who are raised in a two-parent household”.

You found the needle in the internet haystack of studies on this issue that supports your position, based on a 69 person sample size in Europe. To counter the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, more studies would be required.

While it is true that many children raised only by a single-mother have no adverse outcomes, these are the exceptions in large scale studies. That said, women who understand the compensations and social adaptions required, and who can afford them, should be free to make those choices without undue criticism.

“We can’t force these men to be in their kids’ lives, and sometimes, the child is better off without them. That’s up to the mother to decide”.

Sorry, what’s up to the woman to decide? It seems, in reality, men get to decide if they are in their children’s lives or not. If a woman wants to not allow it, it is up to the courts to decide.

I’ve never heard of this person or this reality TV show she is on, but come on. If someone is going to choose this way to make a living, shouldn’t it be expected that they’d flush out such criticism? People who chime in on such topics are hardly an unbiased sample of the American population and not really worthy of notice generally. Just change the channel.

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