He WAS actually higher value that you. Not as a person, but as an asset to the organisation. He was also at higher risk, in that particular situation.

I had an assignment where I got security protection. Not a lot. If I wanted to leave the hotel, they had to take me and keep me in sight.

A more senior person came for a short visit during my stay and I was responsible for his agenda. His security detail came with him. They coordinated with the local security team. His car was bullet proof. I was not allowed to be in his car when it went from place to place (I would be in the way, if something went down). They cleared the sidewalk when he left the building to go to the car thanks to local police assistance.

This was in Asia decades ago, so we both stood out in a crowd. He is black and I am white.

So, yes, some people, because of their position and the risks involved, need more security.

I'm pretty sure Obama didn't get less security because he's black.

If you really thought you got less security because you are black woman, I hope you resigned immediately. I suppose it is possible that's why, but probably not. They just did the value/risk/cost analysis.

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