I agree with your last comment and I agree with you about white privilege. My point is that your example feeds into the narrative of the white person who says there is no such thing as white privilege. When they see your example, they respond with the comment about college admissions. When they see your response to that comment, they say, “OK, it is worse to get shot than not to get accepted into college, but collectively tens of thousands of blacks benefit from potential college admissions and getting shot is actually an extremely rare occurrence” and then show you statistic that whites get shot by police as much as blacks. You get into an argument loop.

Your rhetoric is counter-productive to a cause we share. I doubt it would ever convince the white man you characterize of the correctness of your point of view. (You’ll just get applause from people who share your POV). It is better to show them how class privilege works against them in the same way and unit them with the black community to end unfair privilege of all kinds.

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