I do have a clue, maybe you don’t. I agree it is not the same as living the experience of the other, but it doesn’t mean I have no clue. I also have the personal lived experience of being a boy myself, which makes me equally qualified to point out that this abuse of children is not just limited to girls.

Anyway, we are talking about children here, so we are all observers of what the current experience is.

My voice is male because I am male. Can’t change that. I didn’t say anything claiming to be an authority. Neither are you or the author, so it is a conversation among equals here. My voice is just as meaningful as hers or yours. I can also disagree with authorities too when called for.

I never said there wasn’t oppression, but that is the wrong term for the mistreatment of children. I was just pointing out it happens to boys in much the same way and to treat it as something that only happens to girls in divisive. The author pointed out that she wrote another article about mistreatment of boys, so she seems to agree on that point. So I don’t know what your problem is with my observation. Should she not be allowed to write about boys, based on your reasoning?

How much one knows about systemic sexism is relative. I’d say I know as much as you — perhaps more.

I agree men need to listen more. Actually, people in general do. But, I don’t conform to the idea that because I am a man I should just shut up and never be heard. Maybe you should do that if you are such a proponent.

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