I don’t believe I am correct. I am correct. I have enough coursework in English and journalism to know. I’ve also instructed in English composition. You are making an INCORRECT inference. I suspect you are reading it with a bias to finding offense, which is a popular technique in our victim culture. There is no basis in my sentence for you to claim that I am stating one person has to be polite BEFORE the other person does.

Now I could write everything in a dumbed-down verbose manner so that no one could possibly misunderstand, but I don’t write this way and either do any good writers, for that matter. Lawyers write that way.

Anyway, I am done mansplaining it to you. If you want to think that you’re right or that my writing is poor, I don’t really care. And you don’t seem to care that you are a biased reader.

Humm. If I were making the same points to a man, it wouldn’t be mansplaining now, would it? I don’t modify my language based on the listener's gender. See my point about your bias? Because you changed sex, the meaning of what I say changes. Does that make sense? Do authors write one version of a book for boys and other for girls?

And, frankly, I don’t see the difference between my explaining why my sentence is grammatically correct and clear and your womansplaining to me in your second paragraph about how I should communicate.

Moving on to the relevant topic, you are right!! You are dealing with men’s insecurities. For many men the scariest thing is homosexuality and the idea that they could be “tricked” into being attracted to a man is more than they can handle. Just remember, they are the ones who are fucked up. Don’t let it get to you.

Even though we may disagree about writing style, it’s been nice chatting. Live well and be happy.

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