I doubt it the case for the author, but it is, unfortunately, true in some cases. And, also, unfortunately, these people are often the biggest attention seekers, giving ordinary people who don’t have the opportunity to get to know many trans-people (like you, perhaps) a distorted impression — amplified by social media.

The author makes this point in the article but in a very tactful way. To put it bluntly, there are trans-fakes who have an attention-seeking personality disorder or self-hate or other problems. They do not have gender dysphoria, which is innate. For their own sake, they should not transition. Especially, if they are young. And they should not so loudly try to claim they represent the transgender population.

I’m cis, but I know a lot of trans people. They are not claiming to be extraordinary. More than anything else in the world, they just want to be accepted and quietly fit in.

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