I have a better solution than using the plural pronouns for a known singular person: we get rid of gendered pronouns altogether. Many languages exist where there is no him/her or he/she or his/hers and they manage fine. We just use IT for everyone.

Your example of the plural you is more like switching to just IT than to using plural pronouns. Like using one form of YOU, the use of IT simplifies.

Also, I have my doubts about your comments on the laws in NY and CA. Care to give a citation?

“One of the most common scenarios I found myself in was engaging in debates with “language purists” and “devil’s advocates” who invalidated the use of the singular they as a gender pronoun, and thereby my existence”. A bit melodramatic, aren’t we? This makes it harder to take you seriously and this IS a serious topic.

You exist and so do many like you and you deserve the same respect as everyone else — but not more. Your tone is scolding and condescending. I’d be happy using your pronoun until you talk to me like this.

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