I haven’t read those books — yet. I had to read your piece twice and read the comments and then Google a bit before I was confident I knew well enough what you are saying. It was good that I read your articles before, so I had a sense of where you might be coming from and didn’t just reject the piece superficially.

After putting in some effort, I have to say I support your position. If fact, I’ve held the same notion for a long time. I just didn’t recognize it at first read. You can imagine, I assume, that to the uninitiated reader you could really cause some consternation. When you cite, “[T]he task of democratic politics is to abolish him [the white citizen]”. Without the clarification of what “white citizen” means it sounds a lot like “kill all white people”. Thankfully, some commenters rescued you from these misunderstandings. Perhaps you’d consider an edit to help those who haven’t read these books better understand.

A few questions if I may:

As you eloquently point out, whiteness is a problem for democracy. I think you’d agree that there is also blackness and many other kinds of -nesses and they stem from race. My thinking is that if we didn’t have whiteness the others ‘nesses would disappear as well, simply because they are a reaction to whiteness. For example, “black is beautiful” was only meaningful because apparently there was a doubt about it — because of whiteness. It is, in my mind “whiteness” that spawns racism that spawns the reaction to whiteness. Without the catalyst, there is no reaction.

So, I agree, abolish “whiteness”. The sooner the better. But, you also commented that there should be race-based weighting in democratic elections. The whole idea of weighted voting is a way for democracy to not result in the tyranny of the majority, whiteness or otherwise. This seems to be a contradiction, however. It depends on the existence of race — which I thought was a construct we want to abolish. Anyway, theoretically interesting, but do you actually think that is implementable? If we didn’t have whiteness and all the other -’nesses, do we need race-based weighting? If there is no whiteness, maybe we use wealth-based weighting, as that is another distortion of democracy, but I don’t mean to change the subject.

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