I never heard of femmephobia. Now I know. Thanks.

Most of what I read rings true to me, but some doesn’t when it relates to the premises about femininity. The article has feminist overtones that aren’t required to support your thesis.

I would like to explore the following questions:

“Femmephobia reproduces the idea that masculinity is elevated above femininity.”

Is masculinity really elevated above femininity? What is the basis for this statement? I can think of examples of the elevation of femininity and feminine ideals of mothering, nurturing, beauty, cooperation, etc. Men are expendable. Women are protected. I don’t see evidence of this claim.

“Masculinity is elevated in society through the mocking and bullying of feminine people.”

Should this read “feminine men”? Unambiguous women are not mocked for being feminine. True, masculinity is elevated if one is a man or wants to be called one. Just as femininity is elevated for anyone who wants to be called a woman. My lived experience is counter to this claim. But, it is not impossible to deal with either. Think of David Bowie or Boy George.

“People who dress or act in feminine ways are assumed to either be a woman or interested in attracting men’s attention”.

Again, there are plenty of fem lesbians not assumed to be interested in attracting men. Sure, since it is lesbians are rarer than straight-women, people can make the wrong assumption at first, but I don’t see any great social pressure to conform in modern times in the US.

“the idea that femininity is cultivated for men’s consumption”.

Yes, this is true. And it is cultivated by women as much as by men. The reverse is also just as true for masculinity to attract women. That is the straight world we live in. Not going to change — ever.

“Femininity is always already limited for cisgender men if they want to be seen as a ‘real man,’ but there is more weight to the notion of ‘real man” for trans men”.

And the reverse is just as true for transwomen, in my experience.

“Hoskin said. Femmephobia requires men and nonbinary people to “distance themselves from femininity to be seen as authentic”,

Again, is this meant to read non-binary men? For male non-binary it is often just the opposite. They want to express the feminine to be authentic.

“We’re just cis women pretending to be trans for fun.”

This is a sad truth. Unfortunately, there really are transtrenders. I know some. I know for a fact because they admit it. They just want to get a rise out of people, often their parents as a form of rebellion. This really harms authentic transpeople, so I can understand the animosity.

“To be a man who chooses to be feminine is a challenge to the power order,”

To do anything that is non-conforming is always a challenge to the power order.

If I got it wrong, I’d like to know but based on evidence. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so less interested in opinions.

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