I'm a white native English speaker from the New York public school system. I code switch to AAVE when I hang with kids I grew up with. I also speak High German I learned at university and in the office when I work there. And, I speak a German dialect, I learned from a town I lived in for many years with people I know from there. I now live in Singapore, where I speak Singlish with my Singaporean wife and standard British English with an American accent (e.g. it's petrol not gas) professionally.

I don't feel at any point that I am not my authentic self. It is just called fitting in with the dominant culture. The US is 13% black. Even fewer who prefer AAVE all the time.

AAVE is not just an accent. If it is all you can speak, you will sound uneducated (like it or not), so with people you haven't met before, (black or white) be sure to show them your diploma.

Good luck, but I don't think your approach will catch on. Your decision will undoubtedly be more popular with the white people in your office than with the black people.

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