In my long corporate career, I have seen the good and the bad of being a beautiful woman. One you don’t mention is the aging of female executives.

Early in their careers, their beauty can be a major privilege. Of course, they must also have essential skills like intelligence, conscientiousness, and articulateness. But, even if they are average in skills and talents, they can get more praise and advancement from bosses — usually male — than the average looking woman.

The problem arises as they get older and the privilege wains. These women actually believed they were superior to their colleagues and struggle to cope as the privilege wears off. Some deal with it and leverage the fast start their beauty got them, but some also become bitter and crash and burn when they are held to the same standard as their colleagues.

This is especially the case for women who “use their erotic powers against men at home and work”. Inevitably, they think that exploding their eroticism had nothing to do with the opportunities they were given. Then they complain that they are the ones exploited when the super-power wears off.

We call this BWS or beautiful woman syndrome. It is the condition of a beautiful woman thinking she is more capable than she is because of unrecognized beauty privilege often resulting in bitterness and personality disorders as she ages.

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