Interesting piece. I like it. There are already many languages that don’t have gender-specific pronouns. Some very widely spoken languages, including Mandarin. Plural pronouns, however, are very helpful in language and have become a part of almost all languages. By using them/they all the time the distinction is lost. So, let’s replace all gender-specific singular pronouns instead. That is, him/her with “hem”; he/she with “te”; his/hers with “hors”.

This keeps the usefulness of plural pronouns and abolishes the unusefulness of gender pronouns. And, to your point, you don’t need to ask anyone what hors pronouns are. Everyone is pronoun egalitarian. And it is only three new words and we eliminate six in the process. A lot less new ones than some people are suggesting.

If anyone is still offended, we just act more offended because they don’t allow us to express ourselves the way we want, and then insult them for being self-centered narcissists.

I’m also a bit uncomfortable with using a plural pronoun as a reference to the singular. This smacks to me of the royal “we” and sounds elitist, as well as just being bad grammar.

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