Interesting that you used an English to German translation dictionary for your cover photo. Any reason for that choice?

Let’s take the case of German. There are more different and varied dialects and accents in Germany than there are in the US. If everyone only spoke dialects, there would be serious communication issues, which leads to a lack of unity and efficiency.

Germany solved this problem through the establishment of High German. They chose the standard used by Goethe. That is what everyone learns in school and is expected to be able to speak and write. At home and with your friends, you would use your local dialect. The dialect is not considered incorrect or lower class or racist, but there is one standard High German that all can speak well. If you can’t, you obviously didn’t go to school in Germany.

All over the world, English has become the linga franca and to be understood internationally, you will need to speak some standard English. Frankly, that should be Queen’s English if you ask me. Don’t know why Americans need to mess with that standard.

The French have La Francophonie.

Then everyone may go about using whatever accent or dialect they like when communication is clear in doing so, without anyone thinking the lesser of them. But, when the nation reads the papers or hears a speech from the president, the use of the standard should be understood by all.

In multi-lingual countries, they may have to have a standard for each language. For example, in Singapore there are many Chinese dialects, so they have standardized on Mandarin. But also Bahasa Meleyu, Tamil and British English. Everyone is required to learn English, but all languages are used officially. The choice of standard is usually based on prevalence.

So, in America, every educated person should be fluent in a standard form of English. You can vote for the version you want that to be as long as we pick one. Then everyone can also speak any other way they want to. Looking down on someone for doing so would be illogical because they can speak “proper” English too.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. The US has no federal official language.

By the way, I’ve read several pieces from Black scholars that present your opinion on the matter, which I assume you also have to come up with this article. You might reference them because they make a better case. But keep in mind, the vast majority of black people in America think that education and use of standard English is an important aspect of Black advancement and don’t much appreciate these ideas. Since you are White, some might say you are promoting this notion as a way to keep the black race down. Anyway, not educating blacks in the “proper” use of English is an idea you and slave owners had in common.

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