Look, I could make the same oh-so clever statement about you. Just Google the topic and you will see your statement is highly debatable. There is empirical evidence on both sides. Men are certainly more competitive than women, but women want stuff as much as men do. And, they certainly compete for men who have stuff.

Competition is also not always toxic, either. It creates wealth.

So, we just disagree on this statement and my opinion is no less valid than yours. I thought you might respond in a way that would inform.

The difference between us is that I am open-minded and looking for evidence. You don’t care about evidence and just want your opinions heard.

Go ahead and share your opinion, but don’t accuse someone who questions it of being in a bubble. That’s a well-worn cheap rhetorical trick and does not reflect well on your intellect. And, as a writer you mix in a lot of opinion as facts. I suspect now you probably can’t back up a lot of what you write about. You might be popular with readers who like to hear what you say because it reinforces their bubble. It’s not persuasive, but you probably don’t care.

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