Nik and Lil. Kudos for setting a new record depth for diving into the weeds.

Seems to me you've been debating whether there is such a thing as a person having a gender identity different from their sex, which is much broader than the use of the prefix “cis”.

I’ve had this debate many times and I have yet to hear a good argument against using the terms “cis’ that was based on logic and language. At the core, the argument against is political or emotional, usually.

Nik, you seem to have made the best logical argument I’ve heard, but it seems buried in all the tangents you’ve taken with Lil. If I net it down, you argue that identity is metaphysical and therefore the terminology is imposed belief.

So, Nik, if there was a scientific proof that all would accept showing it is a physical thing in the brain that makes a person have an identity and that identity could be unaligned with physical characteristics (i.e. no longer be metaphysical, but empirical) then would you be in agreement with saying there are sexually-unaligned-people and sexually-aligned people?

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