Of course the author is allowed to write what he wants and similarly I am too. That goes without saying.

He left out an important “detail”, and from my reading seems to imply that the difference in police response can be explained solely by race.

My point is that it wasn’t just white supremacy that lead to the difference in police response. It is also ideology. So, if any moron knows this, what is your problem with me adding it in my comment? You just wrote that the author can write whatever he wants and every moron knows that too.

Right-wing ideology has a strong covariant with white supremacy. But, as I point out, there are cases of variations in police response when the two groups are of the same white race, so ideology alone is also a factor.

If the capital siege was by BLM, for sure the police would have mowed them down. But, my point is that it would have been in large part because BLM is anti-police and socialist and Democrats, etc. Not just because they are black — which a lot of them aren’t.

Here is some data for you, if you are interested.


I am old enough to have protested for civil rights. I was in junior high-school when MLK was shot. I’d say it is also debatable as to how much the civil rights movement enabled the anti-war movement. Certainly, I agree that it did somewhat, but that seems unrelated to the point at hand.

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