OK, I see your point but can we put making whiteness a minority on your list of things that we can do to achieve the political change bit by bit? How about a constitutional change that says no race can be a majority. If any race becomes one, we use immigration policy to allow other races to raise their numbers?

I think being just another minority would be enough to de-corrupt whiteness. In your other comment, you said history has shown us it’s not enough but those were not democracies (unless I can’t think of the case you are referring to). In India whiteness became Hindu-ness. In China whiteness became Han-ness. The end of apartheid in South Africa. Whiteness lost its political power. The “great replacement” shouldn’t be an alt-right conspiracy theory. It should be a law. Where in the constitution does it state the US has to forever be a white-dominated country? If a country really wants to stay pure (e.g. Japan) it should not allow others to immigrate at all because the immigrants just become subjugated. If whiteness was the founding father’s ideal they sure messed up by having a slave trade and open borders for 200 years in order to exploit the people who built the country. Those were one-way tickets.

I’m not convinced that “whiteness corrupts democracy” isn’t just “majority corrupts democracy”. How is your point more than a nuance of John Stuart Mill’s argument in his book “On Liberty” on the tyranny of the majority? Whiteness in the US is an outgrowth of this form of tyranny. It is a flaw in democracy that creates it, not the evilness of your white neighbors.

You wrote, “The state of being white has to have no political power”. For me, that would read the state of race has to have no political power. Removing whiteness is a stepping stone. If you are advocating no political power for being white, who gets political power instead? Obviously, there will be some political power somewhere. Distributing power using weighted voting by race won’t work. If whites get no vote or are weighted 100% (not sure, because you said no power) and blacks get a weighted vote of 167%, then what do Asians get? What do Native Americans get? And how do you decide who is black enough to qualify? Do mixed-race people vote twice. It’s a sillier idea than racial power balancing by immigration policy.

Keep up the good work, though. You make me think.

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