She isn't talking about her lived experience. She is talking about girls' lived experiences. I can observe, I can talk to women and girls. I don't need to be a women to see how they are treated and how they act. People can also tell me how they feel and I can believe them or think they are manipulative. Everyone does his all the time with everyone around them. And, people make judgements about what they hear and what they see.

I was also once a little boy and I also knew many other little boys and little girls. I also have children and grand children of both genders. I'm also well read on this subject. Many people in my family and in my circle of friends are childhood educators.

I'm probably just as qualified as you or the author to have an informed opinion on this matter.

In my judgement the the article is divisive, though based on her other articles I don't think she intended it to be. Regardless of her intentions, from the comments I can see that readers use her comments divisively. If that wasn't the authors intention then she does need an editor.

The article was written on a public platform that invites comments.

Sorry, that's how it works. Thanks for reading my comment.

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