Snide comment without any reasoning = trolling.

I guess you are of the view that my reaction to the article is not valid (though you don’t seem to have the intellectual chops or guts to explain why). How dare you deny my experience of it. Who are you to say I am not right? This is my reality. I’m sick of this anti-Asian racist violence. You’re just gaslighting me and I’m on to you. I’m going to my safe space.

Actually, neither you nor the author seems to know what gaslighting is. It is manipulation of someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.

When someone writes an article on a public forum they are inviting comments. If they just want supporting comments, they should stick to Facebook.

If people provide comments that do not support the author's supposition, it is not the use of psychological manipulation. I don’t think anyone is trying to make the author think she is insane. Come on. Let’s be real.

It is the free speech dialectic at work. It is this exchange of ideas in a civil manner, without being crass or insulting that allows ideas to progress and move society towards truth and away from dogma. People who are too emotionally fragile to handle critique should not engage.

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