I’m not sure how I or any other Black traveler could willfully “put out this energy” of wanting to be discriminated against in a foreign country.

So, what happened to you on the bus was discrimination because you were black? Funny, the same thing happened to me in Vietnam. Turns out my bag fit a description of one they were looking for. They didn’t know it belonged to a foreigner until they asked whose it is.

In your case, I’m sure it was because you are a black woman. If that is how you feel about it, then those police must have been thinking, “let’s give that black women a hard time because she is black”. Thanks for enlightening us about how those Indians are. And, damn those gaslighting people who tell you it might not really be simply because you are black. It would not have happened if you were a white male or something.

Seriously, of course you have different experiences because you are a black woman. Everyone does because of who they are when they are unusual in any context. But if you think I’m gaslighting you, maybe you are just closed-minded. Consider the possibly. Accept or reject it and move on.

I’m not saying how you felt about it wasn’t real. I’m saying, in this particular case, given what you’ve told us, the possibility that your reaction to your experience is correct given the objective reality of what happened is probably (not certainly) the wrong one. Maybe there is more to the story that I don’t know.

I’ve traveled the world extensively, including with black friends and colleagues — some African. I’ve lived in Asia for decades. You might enjoy travel more if you’d stop looking through your own cultural-context lens.

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