Some people are confused about the difference between systemic racism and the racist. We need to be able to hold the truth of racism, but it does not logically follow that when there is racism that everyone who benefits, or has ancestors who did, is racist. This is redefining the term, which is problematic for black people.

Is a white baby racist the day he is born? Is the white BLM activist, who is married to a black man a racist? Do they belong in the same category as a KKK member?

Do you think sympathetic white people will come on side this way? That is the goal, right? We can't dismantle white-built systems of oppression unless white people participate. We want them to respond with, "how can I help"?, not with, "if you call me a racist, then FU"!

This isn't appeasement politics, because the label is unjust. Injustice does not beget justice.

There are already better words to label people who don't see. They are bias. They hold prejudice.

Greenfield's definition is correct.

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