“Telling our stories for us instead of letting us tell our own stories, while often well-intentioned, implies you know our experiences better than we do.”

I don’t agree it means cis people think they know the trans-experience better. It means that cis people can experience trans-people. I have an exceptionally large number of trans friend from way before it became fashionable to be trans. They won’t go on Medium and say this, but they tell me that they are not too happy about this trend for trans, especially young ones, to be “loud-mouth trouble makers pushing people’s buttons”. (Your article is reasonable. Not an example.) My friends want nothing more than to blend in as the gender they are, not be trans-militants.

The problem is that this tiny minority of militant trans-people is giving the cis-world the impression that this is how trans-people are. From my experience, for what it’s worth, most trans-people do not support those trans who claim to speak for the trans experience. They only can speak to their own experience. Because of their lived experience, I think for most trans (all the ones I know) the last thing they want is attention to the fact they are trans.

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