Thailand was not colonised and, though Indonesia was, it hardly touched Bali. The white people in these places are not revered for being white, they are celebrated for the economic advantages they bring because of strong western currency. I don’t know about your dad, but if he was broke and white in Bangkok he wouldn’t be treated like royalty. Quite the opposite. I imagine you spent you time in Thailand around polite company, but they have quite a number of racial slurs to refer to white people.

Your response to my comment is clearly a microagression (or maybe just straight up aggression). I have been accosted by strangers on the street just for being white. My wife has been called names I can’t repeat on Medium, just for being with me. It is rare. I am usually treated politely, as I image you are too But it happens.

The other microaggessions you list happen to me too, all the time, but I don’t care to write an article about it. I’m not a snowflake.

Maybe you don’t understand. My experience is my expertise. You do not get to tell me if what you did was racist or not. I just said it is, so it is !! I’m just as much a victim as you are.

Maybe you think my treatment isn’t racist, but how do I say this? Yes, we are sure. We know full well when something is racist. Stop questioning us.

Time to stop deflecting blame and attention, and reflect on your shortcomings.

I can see you are young and attractive. I’m guessing you live in the US. You are obviously not poor, based on the things you say you do. You are among the most privileged people in the world. There is real racism in the world. Many places are much worse than the US. I hope you never experience real racism. I can see so far you haven’t. What you call racism, is just racial awkwardness by any real measure. Prejudices. Biases.

You might want to play the victim, but by accounts in this article, you haven’t if this is the worst of it. Please stop calling it racists. It hurts our cause to stop real racism. The kind that gets people killed.

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