Thanks for the link to J. Smith. Interesting that he/she presents as a woman (see the pic) but calls himself/herself a transgender male.

We need more of these voices from transgender people. Real ones, not tendsgenders.

And, we need sane people like us to push back at every opportunity, if only to ally with the very people the radical trans activist purport to be helping.

“It should be noted that this “cult,” as I call it, does not represent the majority of trans-identified persons such as myself. Any criticism should be directed at activists…”, J. Smith. This is what I hear from my trans-friends, but as Smith points out, they are often not of the personality to put up a fight or want the spotlight.

A few days ago I responded to an article on Medium which made the argument that if one was not willing to have sex with someone because of their genitals they were transphobic and generally bad people. For your amusement here is my response. The article seems to have been removed. One small victory.

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