Thanks for writing this and asking for comments. It’s a nice collection and I’ve added a few of my own from having had this debate before.

It’s pretty simple actually. There are some people in this world who are “tran-gender”. And, there is everyone else. We could write “everyone else who is not transgender” but instead we write “cisgender”. They mean the exact same thing. Cisgender = Not Transgender. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  1. Of course, some people can’t stand the thought of there even being gender.
  2. Some people don’t want to recognize that there are transgender people.
  3. Some people are not happy unless they are being offended.
  4. Some people think cisgender is a slur because someone else told them it is, but don’t actually know what it means.
  5. Some people don’t like “labels” but don’t mind being called a man or a woman or a human or straight or gay.
  6. Some people are offended by the term cisgender, but it’s fine if you say they are “not transgender”.
  7. Some people don’t like the sound of “cis”, but have no problem with sister or cistern.
  8. Some people think it is divisive because it is about trans-issues, but recognize there are actually issues for transgender people and they are often the ones who bring them up.
  9. Some gay people think it excludes them, but they need to check the definition of cisgender. Gays are cisgender unless they are also transgender, e.g. male-to-female transgender that is lesbian. (I may lose some people here, but a transgender person is not gay because they are transgender. I know it is confusing Grandma).
  10. Some people think it is wrong to label someone as cisgender, because they may not be. But, this is the same as labeling someone gay or trans or not gay or not trans or a baseball fan or not a baseball fan. Making assumptions about an individual you don’t know is generally a bad idea. It applies to all labels. Unless an individual calls themself cisgender, don’t assume they are. Likewise, don’t call someone transgender either. Or a Red Sox fan just because they are from Boston.

If there is anyone who doesn’t like the term cisgender that I have missed, please feel free to be number 11.

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