The first time I ever heard of this pronoun things was when Jordan Peterson popped up on my YouTube suggestions. After hearing that I thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but I kept watching the discussion. Now I’ve come full circle. I hope the day comes when him/her and he/she in books of our time are taught as an archaic form of English. In some languages, gender pronouns don’t exist already. In other languages, they change the verb form for little, if any, improvement in meaning. Whose dumb idea was it to create them in the first place? We should all be “it”.

When the teacher says, “back in those days people put their pronouns on their name tags”, the kids will all laugh at our silly customs.

At the next conference I attend, maybe I will put “it” as my pronoun. It will be a conversation starter because I present as clearly cis-male. In my button-downed corporate world, no one EVER puts their pronouns on a name tag. I was just at a United Nations conference also and no one I saw did there either. (Actually, I won’t do it because someone will find it offensive. Doing anything is offensive to someone these days).

The biggest obstacle for non-binary people regarding pronouns is that they are a tiny percent of the population and only another tiny percent of the population care. My impression is that non-binary people may be self-selecting into communities that are more accepting and creating a bubble effect. For the vast majority of the population, it is just not something that registers.

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