This article is a gross misrepresentation of the research cited. Did any of you fans even read it? That goes for the author as well. And for Groening, from whom Devore takes much of his material.

This is a real problem in journalism. Scholars do research and journalists try to popularize it, though they often don’t have the training to even understand it. It is sensationalizing.

In this case, there was a scientific study and then there is an article by Groening about the research that is not an accurate characterization of the findings. Then DeVore repeats a lot of the same and ramps it up a notch. The research is about aggressive driving habits correlated with driver personality traits and including gender. The researches themselves note the subjective treatment of outliers, so we should take the findings with a grain of salt.

Some excerpts from the research:

“disagreeable men and conscientious people, in general, were particularly likely to drive high‐status cars”

“However, this has been interpreted as evidence for the morally corruptive effects of wealth, and there is no research on whether a certain type of people are, from the get‐go, more likely to drive high‐status cars.”

“Personality traits were not correlated with status car ownership.”

For those that don’t know about the psychology and personality traits, disagreeableness and agreeableness are a spectrum. It is just as bad to be too agreeable. Being disagreeable clinically does not mean you are a monster. It means you don’t give in to others easily.

What a blatant attempt to disparage men by the author to get reads by jumping on a popular trope of male-bashing. Just sensationalizing. No way he would get away with this if it was a study disparaging women.

(P.S. I’m not a man who drives a luxury car. I have a science background and care about journalistic integrity. That’s all.)

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