This is another great example of the Democrat Party total ineptitude. This is not the way to pick a VP candidate. It screams tokenism and they will have a hard time making the case that it isn’t when they advertise the fact that the VP must be an African-American woman.

In business I have made many diversity hires. The optics matter. Make sure everyone watching sees that the person who got the job stood up to the rigours of the non-biased selection process.

Especially, make sure the candidate understands that they are selected on merit.

In the end, if you hire that POC because they add a new perspective, it doesn’t mean they got the job just because of that.

All the Democrats needed to do is keep a diverse group of contenders without ever declaring that only an African-American on the list would make the final cut. Then, when they do select the African-American women be prepared to explain non-race-based reasons for why she is the best candidate. It shouldn’t be that hard, unless you are a racists who doesn’t really think that an African-American women could be the most qualified in her own right.

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