Though I took issue with your comments in another piece, you are spot on in this article, albeit perhaps somewhat melodramatic at the end. (I do read citations).

If we just open our eyes to the natural world, I don’t see how anyone can come to the conclusion that sex is binary. Just one intersexed person proves it’s not. And who doesn’t recognize there is a spectrum from just the people they meet in daily life. Perhaps it is just misuse of the term. People say binary when they should say bi-modal. I guess one could argue that you could draw a line down the exact center of the bi-modal distribution, but who or how do we decide where exactly that line is. And, not a small number of people will end up with characteristics on either side of the line.

Creating a law which is based on a binary distinction is infuriating. It is not social-construct acceptable and also not scientific. It is purely political. It is also impractical. Are we going to check a person’s DNA to see how they will be treated?

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