Usually, I identify myself as a man. When it matters, I may specifically say I am a white man. An American man. A tall man. A married man.

I don’t mind if I have to say, “no, I am not a German man”, or whatever. People could not tell by how I look.

How often are you in situations where you need to point out to others that you are a ciswoman? Aren’t you assumed to be almost always? Is it really bending over backward for the once in a blue-moon occasion when you need to point out that you aren’t trans? A rule that pre-op transwoman can not enter a changing room puts the onus on them to act accordingly. You don’t have to do anything differently. I can’t imagine someone at the door looking in people’s pants before letting them in.

It seems like you never want transwomen to refer to themselves as women. Would you like to make it illegal for a transwoman to utter the words, “I am a woman”? How about as long as when asked, “cis or trans” she says “transwoman”. How exactly is this going to work, practically?

In fact, people don’t usually walk around saying they are a woman. It is others that perceive them to be women. Do you want them to wear a star on their sleeve or something so that everyone knows that they aren’t a biological woman, though they may look like one.

Essentially, I’m asking what is so important for you about not sharing the label? And, as previously stated, you literally can’t stop them from saying what they want, unless you are OK with not being allowed to say what you want.

Sorry, but can I trouble you to tell me what your list of demands is with regard to restrictions on transwoman speech. Not what you would them to do, which I think I understand, rather, what you want to force them to do or not do.

I’m familiar with the arguments of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and the like, who don’t want transwomen to legally be woman, but how can we practically force them to not use the label? And, do we really need to try to force that?

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