Venessa. Don’t confuse my disagreement with your message as my having missed it. Your message is very simple. Anyone can get it. You are giving a couple of examples of when it is a privilege to be a man and calling it “male privilege”. You say yourself there is “female privilege”. You obviously misunderstand the terminology. “Male privilege” like “white privilege” is the idea that there are overall and systemic advantages to being in the privileged group. You give two examples, i.e. that women are sometimes fearful of their safety and that they might be more likely to have their drink spiked.

If every time you can find an example of privilege, it becomes “______ privilege” then the term has no meaning.

Your reasoning that my counter-example regarding buying drinks is “ludicrous” rests on the notion that this is a gender stereotype does not mean it doesn’t exist. Following your reasoning, women being at a disadvantage in the job market because of professional gender stereotypes would also be ludicrous.

Don’t make assumptions about me either. I’ve been to places overseas where the threat of being drugged or assaulted is much greater than what is possible to experience anywhere in the US, man or women. (Kidnapping is usually not a not concern in the US). I take precautions, just as you can. For example, just ask for a can of beer and open it yourself. Or watch it be poured and don’t put it down. It is not that hard. I’m not saying it isn’t a serious problem, (e.g. Bill Cosby). I’m just saying that men also have other disadvantages women don’t have.

You might be willing to trade the inconvenience of having to protect your drink for buying your own drinks, but I don’t think a lot of women would. They like to have a guy buy them a drink. Do you want to deny them that privilege?

Your rant about women’s safety was not the subject of my disagreement, so not sure why you go there in your response. Men are just as likely to experience physical danger, if not more so, in other contexts.

You’re young, so the last time you checked was not long enough ago. Men can be drafted and have been. That’s my point, which you obviously missed.

The reason you are repeatedly hearing that “male privilege” does not exist is not that your target audience is missing your point, it is that you don’t make your point.

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