What are these jobs where it helps if you speak German?

I studied German for 3 years at University in the US in the 70's. Then for 5 years in Germany. It wasn't my main subject. I just needed it to study journalism. I wanted to be a European correspondent. I already spoke some high-school level French.

After my first year at the translators institute in Munich, the grammar was finally second nature and my American accent was gone. Lots of rules, but once you learn them it sticks to the rules. This is sort of a turning point because building the vocabulary in German is fairly easily.

In the 80's it was actually a skill that could matter for employment. I ended up working for a big US company in New York and my German got me the role as liaison to the German office. But, by the 90's it didn't matter. Companies send assignees to Germany now with no requirement to speak the language before or during the assignment.

The French seem to be offended if you don't speak French, but Germans don't seem to care very much.

If you wanted a job as a political correspondent in Germany, you are competing against native German speakers with perfect English.

Perhaps, if one wants to live in Germany in a local position it would be required. Perhaps if you work as a translator or in a diplomatic role. But, what was once a career differentiator outside of a profession in language itself, speaking German as a second language is a hobby now.

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