What do you call an Afrikaner or what do you call a Moroccan Arab who become American?

African-American is a geographical reference that denotes someone whose ancestry is from Africa, which is a pretty big place. The same for European American or Slavic-American for people with light skin phenotype.

Black is an American social construct for an ethnic cohort, but still a very broad one.

“Person of color is so much more respectful than it’s [sic] predecessor, colored [person]” but white person is not disrespectful. How does that work? From now on let’s call white people “people of no color” to be more respectful.

“The clearest difference outside of the history of slavery is our physical identifiers.” This is true for some black people, not all. It may come as a shock to you, but many black people appear more white than many people of color. And, that many black people have no history of slavery.

I assure you that when I use the term African-American it is because many African-Americans don’t like the term black. I will call people as they like to be called. But, for me and many who use the term occasionally, your bullets are correct, except for that some rights were granted with abolition too. And the one you slipped in sideways, namely that “If not economically successful are naturally lazy and choose not to overcome a mindset of victimhood.” It is a gross error for you to assume African-American carries that meaning, especially since many American-Americans prefer that term.

Interesting how easily you dismiss voices of African-Americans who prefer to be called by that term. How white of you.

In English the word black (as a color) has had negative connotations going back long before America existed and is pervasive in English general usage. It seems nonsensical to me to wish to be called by such a word and then expect the whole language to morph its use of the term in all the ways it is used when having nothing to do with race, e.g to say black-list now racist.

I think we should let people have the labels they chose and you are welcome to make the argument that the labels you use are better, but then you should let people chose the labels they want and respect their choice.

In my writing, when I am referring to a group oppressed by systemic racism and whiteness I refer to the group collectively as Black, PoC or White. If I refer to an individual as a reference to their ancestry I use African-American and that could includes in some cases someone of Afrikaner ancestry.

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