When I am leading a group, like a class coming together for the first time, I’d really like to avoid gender politics altogether. When it is time to go around the room for introductions, I just say to people, “please tell everyone how you would like to be addressed and a little bit about why you are here (or your background or whatever is appropriate).

This seems to work fine and avoids all the issues this article is about. It seems like a simple solution, but if there is some way this might offend someone, please let me know.

By the way, this solves a lot of issues. I work in mixed cultures and there is “your name” (i.e. on your ID) and then there is “what you are called”. So, even cis-people may prefer not to use their formal name, but rather a nickname that does not reveal their social status, clan affiliation, religion, etc. “How would you like to be addressed”, is totally open-ended and provides the opportunity to identify pronouns, but makes no imposition to do so.

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