Why do so many white people on Medium feel the need to tell us what white privilege is?

Let’s stick with the one from Merriam-Webster.

“My own definition is this: not having to worry about being hurt in any way systemically or societally because of the color of your skin”.

As soon as someone who doesn’t think white privilege exists hears your definition, they just respond. “Affirmative action hurts white people”. Boom!! Your definition is out the window.

There are plenty of white, hard to pronounce, names of French, Dutch, Jewish, Russian, etc. origins. How is that a white privilege thing?

It’s well understood that people are more fearful of black men than white men on average. Also, that tattoos are considered anti-social. I’ve never seen a study that supports the notion that there is some multiplier effect if you are black and have a tattoo also. I doubt you have either. Yes, not having white women clutch their bag when you walk buy is a cliche example of white privilege. A tattoo is something you chose to get and has nothing to do with white privilege.

Your J-walking example obscures a darker reality. It gets to crime and policing differences in black communities. Perhaps too nuanced for you to understand.

Noise pollution is not white privilege. It is affluence privilege. It happens more in poor communities and Blacks are more likely to be poor. Being more likely to be affluent is white privilege. We can’t call everything bad about being poor white privilege because there are white poor people too and they don’t have less noise because of skin color.

White kids who wear saggy pants get just as much shit for it and black boomer hate that style as much as white boomers do.

Sorry to pick on you, but WHITE PRIVILEGE is a real thing and it is a serious problem in America. Will all you clueless white people please stop with the performative virtue signally that just serves to cloud the issue?

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