"With tension over racial inequality and police brutality at an all time high in the United States".

Actually, empirically not true. Please Google slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement.

Mircoaggression is not always race based. It is othering of the minority -- sometimes that means exotic. As a white person living in Asia, all these forms of microaggression occur to me.

I'm continually told I look like Richard Gere, and there are definitely Asian women who have a fetish for white guys. Not complaining about those microaggressions.

But I also get stopped by police when I am where white people don't usually go or just asked by locals if I am lost and where I am going. Sometimes nationalist types won't serve me in shops. Sometimes people stare disapprovingly. Or, imply their son didn't get a job because people like me took it. When I am traveling in the region and get asked where I am from, I say the country I have lived in for almost half my life and then they ask, "no where are you really from?"

The video you use is straight up racial profiling, not microaggression. Congratulating someone for getting a job because of a diversity program sounds straight-up racist, without context.

Microaggressions are contextual and hard to exemplify in one-liners. They may be misunderstandings - sometimes the fault of the speaker and sometimes the fault of the listener or both.

Name calling is not a microaggression. It is an aggression - full stop.

Microaggression is not a white vs. POC thing. It is a dominance culture vs. minority behaviour. It can also be class based. You're referring to the situation in the UK, which is white dominance. Go to China, India, Africa and it won't be white based.

Your explanation is biased by your circumstances.

I hope you've learnt a thing or two too.

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