Wow, you really went on a tear. Mostly unrelated to what I was asking. Please allow me to break it down and then maybe you can calmly respond to my direct question.

“No. There are a great many women who consider “Cis” derogatory.”

Yes, everyone knows that. We all agree that some women do find it derogatory. Some men do too. If that wasn’t the case there would be no purpose for this discussion.

“We are NOT a subset of trans”.

Of course, women are not a subset of trans. I never heard anyone say they were. Anyway, if someone says that it would be illogical and it is not a part of this discussion.

“We are a NOT category in relation to trans”.

Not sure what you mean by “in relation to”.

“We are not on the trans spectrum”.

That is exactly what I am saying. If you are a cis-woman you are indeed not on the trans-spectrum. Take a deep breath and relax.

“Stop bloody co-opting us into gender ideology…”

This is about language, semantic and logic. My point is that the prefix cis- and trans- should not be about gender-ideology. It is just the correct use of Latin prefixes. These prefixes are used without issue in all sorts of other contexts.

“the vast majority of people reject gender ideology, gender tropes and gender stereotypes”.

Actually, the data shows the opposite, but let’s save that argument for another day and stay on topic.

“You can sit there and spout as much nonsensical garbage as you like, but you really have Buckley’s of convincing people “cis” is a thing”.

Please open a dictionary. The prefix cis- is there in lots of words. e.g. cisalpine: people who cross the Alps. Cislunar: between the earth and the moon. And it is used commonly in science as the opposite of trans. A social scientist borrowed the Latin that science has been using for ages to coin the term cisgender. It was not in any way derogatory initially. See this:

The meaning of the prefix cis- is a fact. Either people are educated enough to know that or they aren’t. Some chose to say dumb about it or decide it has another meaning than it has had for thousands of years.

“It is ridiculous, offensive and derogatory — which says far more about you, as you continue to insist otherwise”.

Not sure what it says about me, other than I know how to correctly use Latin prefixes. And a don’t acquiesce to social pressure from ignorant people who want me to degrade my use of words.

Cis- isn’t inherently derogatory, but someone can use it in a derogatory way. I’ve seen older children call younger ones “homo sapiens” to get them upset. It’s a child’s game. If you think it is derogatory, you’re being teased and you are falling for it.

“And don’t you dare try to manipulate or coerce me into being “kind” (ie acquiesce). Being kind has got women precisely nowhere.

Sorry I asked. I’ve obviously triggered some issues for you.

And I will not be “kind” as my rights are trampled on by TRAs as they crow “nothing to see here”! Women’s rights are not affected! TWAW! Carry on! When the glaring evidence in front of my eyes, and everyone else’s is contrary to what you insist. This is not 1984”.

I don’t know about all that. Sounds like you might be British. Seems to me that some of the policing of language there fits with the book. In certain places now, referring to someone by other than the pronoun they want may be a crime. I’m not a fan of that. In the book 1984, words were given new meanings. I’m saying we should stick with the ancient meaning of the prefix and not be manipulated by a few who may use it in a derogatory way.

I’m certainly not a TRA. If you followed me, you’d know I’ve had my run-in with a few of them. We are probably on the same side with regard to women’s spaces, transwomen in sports, etc. In fact, all the trans-people I know personally (quite a few) agree with me on these points. Don’t be deceived by the tiny fringe of militant TRA into thinking they speak for trans-people generally. I’m not taking sides in the gender debates with my original comment. I’m an advocate for educating people on language, culture and how NOT to be manipulated by others using these tactics.

Actually, if you know me, I’m someone who is fighting against a lot of redefinition of words, which I think is a post-modern ideological attempt to cause a break-down in our ability to communicate clearly when we have ideas that are opposing. Other examples are words like race and racism, white, violence, woman, assignment, fascist, etc.

To stop being offended by people who use the prefix cis- all you need to do is not be offended.

If a thing isn’t trans-, it must be cis-. It’s been that way since Latin started. Get used to it.

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