Yes, you are right. Affirmative action is not really a privilege, but a removal of a disadvantage — supposedly. In some cases, like I am referring to, a young black person with essentially no economic disadvantages would be able to get into a better university than he would if he was white or especially Asian.

That said, I was with this young man waiting to board a commuter train in the affluent mostly white neighborhood he lived in and two police offers detained him (and me because I was with him) because a white woman in the area just reported she was just robbed by a black man. That was the only description. Thirty minutes later, we caught the next train. The officers knew immediately it wasn’t him, but still went through the motions.

So, overall, I am certainly not saying that it isn’t a disadvantage to be black in America. In fact, my point is that it is systemic, but trying to convince people of it using anecdotes just results in endless circular arguments that create more resentment than progress. Anecdotes should only be used as illustrative of what the accompanying data proves.

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