You are inserting your predispositions into what I said. I never said don’t be angry. Anger is an emotion. I don’t tell people how they should feel. Sorry that other people have done that to you. I said I didn't recommend being fierce. Fierce: having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness. This applies to men as much as to women. And, to add, there are times to be fierce, but probably not on Medium if you want to be persuasive. I pointed out that some people don’t care about being persuasive and are writing to demonstrate something to likeminded people. I added this parenthetically to be clear I was not referring to you in this case.

I did not say woman should be docile. Not being fierce does not imply docile. One can be assertive without being fierce. I also did not say you have to be polite all the time. I usually start out polite, but when dealing with someone who is not polite to others, I will stop being polite and continue to argue if I think there is an audience I can influence.

Where did I say equal rights come with politeness?

Why do you think the whole problem is with men. More than half the women in the US do not identify as feminists.

How do you think I am only going after women from anything I posted here? I’m not even going after you. I was supportive of the comments Karen made and she sounds like a feminist.

Why do you think I am afraid to stand up to power or advocate for women. For your information, I live in SE Asian and advocate for women’s rights in developing countries. Perhaps you have no idea how good US women have it in comparison. Perhaps you could advocate for your sisters more so they can get a fraction of what you enjoy.

I responded to your post because you started by saying readers don’t understand you. You ended it by writing “Does that make sense”? When I commented back, you accused me of mansplaining. I was simply telling you how I would write and people usually think I write clearly. You can consider my tip on rhetoric or reject it.

By responding to your post at your request, I am not focusing on you. It only took me a few minutes, but at this point, it is probably too much of my time because you are full of predispositions, biases, and stereotypes. Trying to helping you with how to phrase things is probably futile.

I think we want the same outcomes for women and society, but I’m afraid you are not helping.

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